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1, on-site service specific steps-dehumidification and mite removal

A、Preparation tools:

上门服务                        上门服务                        上门服务 

Dehumidifier                                                  Mite Removal Machine                                     Plug and Discharge

function: dehumidification,                           Function: Mite removal, bacteria                      Function: Prevent the wire from

 sterilization                                                   removal                                                              being too short                                                                       

B、Dehumidification steps

  1.   Use IPAD to show mite photos and explain mites hazards.

  2.   a、Turn on the dehumidifier, remove the inflatable bag, place it flat on the mattress, insert the inflatable tube, seal the seal 
      b、Connect the power supply, select the function, fill the inflatable bag well

  3.  a、Place the bedding and sheets on the inflatable bag in turn, the dehumidification begins, and the time lasts for 25 minutes
     b、The pillow core (including pillowcase) and the core (including the quilt cover) are placed on the inflatable bag in turn for dehumidification, the time lasts 25 minutes
     Note: Inflatable bags can withstand a total weight of less than 6kg

  4.   Drying complete, automatic shutdown, machine storage.

  5.   Fold the bedding you want to receive and put it in a suitable storage bag.

C、Mite removal steps

  1. Open the mite removal machine, remove the suction mite box, use clean paper towel overlay on the filter, the filter cover flat, put back the mite removal machine.

  2. Connect the power supply, turn on the switch and tap the switch to remove the mite. In order to remove the mite sequence: pillow, core, mattress Note: In addition to mites, pillows, cores, mattresses need to be flipped, both inside and outside the mite removal

  3. After the end of the mite, the filter dirty to the customer to see, intuitively feel the effect of mite removal, stimulate consumers to receive two home care services.

  4. Drying complete, automatic shutdown, machine storage.

D、Home storage Steps

  1. Fold the bedding you want to receive and put it in a suitable storage bag.

  2. Smooth with the hand, remove excess air, pull on the sealing slider, back and forth several times.

    Note: Vacuum storage is limited to fiber products.Silk down products do not recommend vacuum, will be damaged by its service life

  3. Open the seal cover, use the pump to start pumping, pumping complete, screw the lid.

  4. Place the already vacuum bedding in the cupboard and take all the tools.

Solve customer home storage pain Point

1, storage space messy

Wardrobe (cloakroom) messy, clothes hanging without regularity, rummage to take time

2. High humidity in storage space

Wardrobe (cloakroom) space environment humidity is high, clothing is humid and easy to mold

3, storage space closed

Wardrobe (cloakroom) space environment closed, poor ventilation effect, prone insects, breeding bacteria

4, by the core disorderly stacking

Wardrobe (cloakroom) by the core randomly stacked, without any identification, change the season to find time-consuming and laborious


          Storage Signs                                       Storage Bag                                  Dehumidification bag                       Anti-insect anti-mite flavors


Before the storage service                                                            After the storage service

Wardrobe (cloakroom) messy, clothes hanging irregular, clothing               Wardrobe (cloakroom) clean and refreshing, clothing in accordance    

easy to mold raw insects, The core is stacked at will, and it takes                 with the season, color orderly hanging, by the corebagand equipped 

time and effort to rummage the season.                                                        with signs,  you can quickly find the core you need with a sign during the season.



Sleep MINE Door Service 12345 rule

1 Active: Take the initiative to do something extra for the customer;

2 not allowed: Do not take customers stitch, do not add any burden to customers;

3 phone calls (or SMS): Make an appointment before you go to the door, special holiday greetings, service often return visits;

4 pcs One: Write a greeting card, wear a pair of shoe covers, hand a business card, give away a small gift;

5 in place: with matching products and alternative products in place, to explain to customers the use and maintenance of knowledge in place, to meet the potential needs of customers in place, after the service to clean up the scene in place, to the customer blessing and report safe in place.

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