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    Suite class
    MINE Committed to the creation and dissemination of simple, elegant art of life....
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    Global Core
    Global: walking / extreme vision / critical attitude; flying in the sky / more l...
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    'Global Selection' is the legend of home brand. It is dedicated to providing top...
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    They are the pinnacle of the category, or respect for the national gift, or more...
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    Adhering to the unity of the highest quality and the highest grade, defining per...
The unification of the highest quality and the highest grade is the only definition of perfection of MINE. Meimei MINE constantly breaks through the stereotypes and shackles, creating many 'first' and 'initiative' that are respected and praised by people in the global industry. Because it has always been demanding perfection, the best of everything, firmly adhere to the 'global selection', Meimei ...
  • 1. Actively seek for every client who is about to become a mei MINE member from the designer, and actively attack high-quality customer resources around.

    2. Use local dialect to drive customers, shorten the distance with customers, take the initiative to choose winter boots for customers, and treat customers like friends.

    3, for the sake of customers, customers shopping for a long time very tired feet, take out the slippers, and invited customers to have a rest on the massage chair.

    4, super V may be around every customer into the store, your bold initiative to promote is the beginning of every super V!

    5, treat others a little better, do not ask for return; Treat customers better, not necessarily for business.

  • 1. The global selection tour is worth recommending to all customers.

    2. Furniture museum can make full use of furniture resources to drive sales through design.

    3. Effectively use every opportunity of door-to-door service to impress every customer with professionalism, perfection and sincerity.

  • After the tour of changsha grand V in ningbo and huzhou, on October 12, nanjing grand V arrived in changsha. After watching the opening party of golden eagle art festival and tasting the food of old changsha, the customers' interest was high.

    On October 13, mei factory shop swiping card 500,000 to join super V club. After going home, still feel not enough cool is: card is not one-time brush! Then I want to take my son on a trip.

  • 1, treat others a little better, do not ask for return; Treat customers better, not necessarily for business.

    2, door-to-door service, is to be familiar with the customer home decoration style, in order to follow the recommendation, the case will do the ultimate.

    3, and the customer really become friends, know from the customer's point of view, for the customer's sincere consideration.

    4. Serve customers patiently, know the problems in customers' home, and be able to share the worries for customers with my own network resources.

  • 1. Bring private customized and other ultra-luxury services to customers, so that customers can enjoy the ultimate experience.

    2. Get to know customers' preferences in advance. The uniquely designed lily invitation letter is an exquisite reflection.

    3. It is the exclusive butler service of mei MINE to bring long-lost family banquet to customers and provide considerate service.

    4, nothing is impossible, only the unexpected seven-star butler service.

  • Ms. Xu of ningbo no.6 space is meipai's super V customer in 2017. Because the itinerary of the global selection tour in the sixth season conflicts with her own itinerary, coinciding with the golden wedding anniversary of Ms. Xu's parents this year, Ms. Xu gave the travel plan to her parents.

    When mei learns golden marriage this one message, begin to begin to be in the travel the surprise that brings a golden marriage and blessing for two old. Workers arrived in New Zealand, after buying the adornment such as candles, flowers, balloons, and collect the second-oldest photos when I was younger, and memories of the way, will travel photos of the blessings of family and peer group members wish made the electronic photo album, for Martin khor couples with a unique and meaningful exotic golden jubilee.

  • 1. Maintain good relationship with customers in daily life, solve pain points for customers in person, and make customers trust you.

    2. Take the initiative to attract customers with services and improve sales performance.

    3, see the small, sales to start from the small needs of customers, good service.

    4, intention to communicate with customers, do not miss any sales opportunities.

  • 1. Make full preparations before coming to the door, and try to generate more joint sales.

    2. Distinguished customers can enjoy the service provided by mei MINE, making customers proud of using mei MINE bedding.

    3. Brand reputation is very important, service is more important, good products and services will have more members.

    4, more than three hundred kilometers of long-distance trek, reflects the mei MINE seven star housekeeper's extreme intimate service consciousness!

  • 1. Promote the company's seven-star butler service to the extreme among customers;

    2. The terminal implements the company's policies and helps to build a high-quality brand image;

    3. Detailed and complete service records are helpful to shorten the distance with customers and build trust quickly.

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The first super V member of international department
The first super V member of international department
1. Actively seek for ever...
The charm of a global selection tour
The charm of a global selection tour
1. The global selection t...
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