6 kinds of washing and nursing services












Seven Stars Cleaning and Nursing is the first intelligent and ecological cleaning factory in China. The factory address is located on the 2nd floor of Building 2, Mengjie Industrial Park, High-tech Zone. The total area is 1,800 square meters, with a total investment of 39.72 million yuan. At present, it is also the first intelligent distribution and hanging system in China, which strictly implements single-cylinder single-piece washing and uses pure water to wash each piece of fabric.

Seven Stars Washing and Nursing Selects Global High-end Washing and Nursing Resources: German Miele, Spanish Girbau, American Speed Queen, Japanese Sankosha, Swedish Eton and other global best cleaning and nursing resources, independently designs the functional zoning layout and line flow distribution of 7S Washing and Nursing Factory according to the principle of single-barrel and single-piece washing, and obtains national new patents. Seven Star Washing and Nursing Team independently develops factory process management system, consumer experience retail system and whole process large data management system. It is the first intelligent, ecological and environmentally friendly washing experience center in Asia.
  • 1.0
    A single wash
  • 43.0
    Classified washing
  • 2.3
    Water scrubbing
  • 6.0
    Stereoscopic ironing
  • 4.0
    Intelligent suspension
  • 100.0
    Intelligent cabinet put in
  • 90.0
    Ecological washing
    • 1.0
      A single wash
      Seven Star Washing and Protecting Really achieves that each can only wash clothes of individual customers, absolutely not mix washing, from the way of washing to ensure that each piece of fabric is clean as before.
    • Single person Simple and simple singleton Never shuffle
    • 43
      Classified washing
      Seven Stars Cleaning & Nursing 7S Intelligent Factory selects the world's top cleaning and nursing equipment. In the process of cleaning and nursing, different equipment is specially washed with different materials. The material is fully classified and the washing is more assured.
    • Different Machine Washing and Different Material
    • 2.3
      Water scrubbing
      Seven Stars wash and protect the use of environmental protection water purification system, filtering impurities in water, purity far beyond the national standard of direct drinking water, up to 2.3 ppm, to avoid clothing damage by minerals in water.
    • The purity of all washing water is much higher than that of direct drinking water. The highest purity is achieved.2.3PPM
    • 6
      Stereoscopic ironing
      Seven Stars wash and care choose many, for clothes, trousers, shirts and other automatic ironing, efficient and fast clothing back to its original state.
    • Efficient and effective
    • 4.0
      Intelligent Hanging System
      Seven Star Cleaning and Nursing independent research and development of all operating systems, with the fastest, convenient experience for consumers to provide the whole state of the intelligent experience system can be monitored and queried.
    • All hands-on intelligence
    • 100
      Intelligent cabinet put in
      Independent design and production of intelligent wardrobe, a new national patented product. Applicable to high-end residential areas and large enterprises and institutions employee welfare use. There are 100 groups in Changsha District.
    • 24Within hours
    • 90
      Ecological washing
      Refuse industrial non-environmental detergents, select German professional environmental protection reagents. 90% of all the discharged water is recycled and treated as pure water and reused. The remaining 10% triple treatment meets the national discharge standard of urban pipeline network.
    • 90%Recovery and reuse of washing water
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