Glory HONOR 3000

Specification: 180 * 200 * 26 cm

Fabric: Egyptian long staple cotton

Stuffing: Australian wool, latex, natural organic cotton

Tank system: 3000 individual honeycomb bags with double springs


1, strong moisture absorption and release, warm in winter and cool in summer, absorbing 35% of its own weight of water, moisture absorption is 2 times of cotton, polyester 30 times

2. High insulation,

3. Flame retardant, anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, dustproof and anti-static:

4. Good elasticity: can reduce body pressure by 30-40% and improve blood circulation.

Egyptian long staple cotton:

Soft and comfortable, high brightness, smooth texture, high air permeability and heat preservation.

Natural latex: comes from the Thai rubber tree SAP, the better natural latex growth environment, combined with modern exquisite technology production, has the ultra high elasticity anti-mite anti-bacteria latex mattress

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