The Eskimo

Goose down thick quilt 248 x 248 1400g

Goose down thick quilt 200 x 230 1100g

1. Imported from Japan with 80S day silk anti-fluff fabric, with stronger moisture absorption and moisture drainage, better hand feeling, outstanding softness and comfort, extra warm and comfortable in winter.

2. 95% selected large white goose down from Germany is adopted. Imported white goose down is more safe and comfortable.

3. Classic royal goose down quilt series naked quilt, different weight, suitable for a variety of seasons, zero distance to feel the feather down quilt light and warm.

4, 8X8 lining edge pressing, prevent pinhole drilling, further enhance the anti-velvet; Bedding surface is more even, use more at ease.

5, new design exclusive pattern, color, pattern are repeatedly refined from the international popular elements, two can take home, the noble atmosphere, very class.

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