Fabric: Italian imported Egyptian cotton yarn-dyed jacquard

Colour tendency: fog all grey + black bud silk

The handmade lace on the island of brano, Italy is famous for its complex manufacturing process. It is made of silk thread or yarn woven against the pattern. The weaving process requires dozens to hundreds of shuttles the size of thumbs according to the difficulty. Even skilled women take nearly a month or more to create a less complicated pattern. The gimmick that braids because of the person differs, basically handmade bud silk is a person independence is finished, others cannot replace, because this every finished product is unique, idle get cover sufficient precious. The lace collar worn by Louis xiv on his accession to the throne is said to have taken two years to complete by lace workers in brano.

This is domestic first paragraph would lace effect directly on the fabric weaving of single piece of bed is tasted, the stereo feeling and sense of reality as lace pressure on the fabric really clear and fine and smooth, pattern design inspiration comes from the Italian fine handmade lace embroidery, and 'MINE' letter ingeniously integration into design, increased the brand's exclusive sense, adopt three laps around the way, each coils of different lace pattern

Suit domestic outfit: postmodern American style is contemporary contracted meaning type is contracted

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