Bulgari blue

Fabric: silk yarn-dyed jacquard (28m/m)

Colour tendency: midnight deep blue is made bottom, the croc skin grain of above sand gold can be like golden armor, enchased have pigeon blood-red gem, Kashmir sapphire, emerald gem color, hand in photograph reflect with aureate skin grain, bright and dazzing.

Crocodile skin texture bold and unrestrained, bulgari jewelry design is the world's unique dazzling, bold and unique style, noble classical. The jewelry design on the surface is inspired by Greek elegance, Italian Renaissance and metallurgical technology in the 19th century, and adopts various raw stone treasures: pigeon blood stone, kashmiri sapphire, topaz and dense set modeling technology, so that the whole presents a sense of dignitary enjoyment and conquest. In order to highlight the three-dimensional sense of jewelry and the convenience of washing and finishing, we specially added a 2.6-meter-long single-edition lace with duplicated quilt surface jewelry pattern, and added hand-nail-mounted plexiglasses as decorative simulation caibao. Its gorgeous luxury and noble feeling complement the golden crocodile skin pattern.

Suitable for home decoration: European neoclassical American style post-modern

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