The peacock dynasty

Series: earthsound

Fabric: silk yarn-dyed jacquard

Lining: silk sateen

Color: peacock blue

Peacock has been regarded as the symbol of auspicious omen since ancient times. The combination of flanged porcelain, palm leaf of bird of paradise and extremely rich decorative art engraving pattern produces the wonderful reaction of neo-chinese classical and French elegance, and the mixed group of Chinese and western creates a noble and artistic style full of emotional tone. Fabrics and materials are made in 6 a complete real silk, 28 m/m heavy silk, texture, luster and elegant, exquisite composition, peacock modelling lifelike, feathers, with root trenchant root look elegant Juan xiuhe, both from European oil painting shop fold realism of light and shade, and took their cue from the qing li of the Oriental art work free and easy, unreal like a true, false or true set each other off, viewing their presents different images from different angles. Peacock blue is the most mysterious kind of blue, almost no one can determine its correct color value, is a kind of fuzzy color, on behalf of the meaning is hidden. In the spiritual realm, this color is the color of the unattainable, a special color apart from gold and silver. Give a person quiet and romantic dream color.

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