Besides luxury, taste supreme mei MINE leads the trend of luxury in home furnishing industry

Date: 2019-03-15
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Household is costly taste the situation that the industry presents 100 schools of thought to contend for in recent years, but in brand competition, outstanding person nature is the product that quality holds actor concurrently, costly and low-key, decorous however contracted, often capture the approbate with the connotation of its brand numerous consumer and love. With a certain legendary color or extraordinary experience of the brand, it is often easier to attract the attention of consumers.

As a brand favored by social successful people and urban upwardly mobile, mei pai's brand connotation is quite in line with the needs of the audience. Some of these products, also with a wonderful historical background or story, won the emotional recognition of consumers. Besides Iceland goose eiderdown quilt 'the story of love' besides, its another star product France curiosa white goose down quilt also has a legend story. In the 17th century, the first glimpse of her true appearance was of a French duke who was brave and good at fighting. She was a token of love given to the princess by the duke before his winter war. Her reputation of comfort, lightness and warmth was spread all over the country for a short time, and the nobles even the nobles in Europe and America were reluctant to part with her. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the rise of European powers and wars, she experienced vicissitudes of life, several changes of master, finally difficult to find traces. Instead, various imitations of her name began to circulate among the upper classes. The only piece of history that identifies her is a string of identity tags with a French logo. After the world according to her family's identity label trace back to the source, in the place of its birth, the use of modern technology burst of inspiration, continuous improvement and improvement, finally restore the legendary classic of the 17th century. After the world's works, mei pai products to the world with 'French tag' medal of excellence.

If the story of white goose down quilt so people so tempted, then the quality of mei pai is to let people fall in love. For a long time, she for customers to create the most perfect home environment, the creativity of art is particularly concerned about: adhere to the humanistic design concept, the profound European culture and modern fashion art taste perfect combination, deduce the classic, fashion and eternal household supplies; Each design must be perfect, reflect innovation and inheritance, with concise and clear modeling language, to express the idea of humanistic design and self-individuality of publicity. This kind of humanist consciousness makes her stick to her unique way of being in the complicated world. Mei pai by virtue of its unique design, the world's top selection of materials, heritage of thousands of years of European production process finally become the model of high-end household brands and highly respected. More and more Chinese social elites who pursue self-recognition also begin to feel the luxury experience of home furnishing brought by it.

These to the life request very demanding elite stratum consumer, in the experience mei brand luxurious feeling, most CARES about also most satisfied with her luxurious enjoyment and the service, and is willing to spread this one excellent public praise diffusion. The most professional product research and development, sales service, business logistics management echelon, as well as the pursuit of healthy and sustainable business principles, also let her become the world's top household brand bearer.

As a trusted and appreciated brand by the social elite, mei pai pays more attention to the long-term development of the brand. How to continue to play the role of ivy in the industry, to maintain the grace and tenacity of life, perhaps is her, as well as the pursuit and significance of every brand with a story. We have reason to believe, with the strength of mei pai, she will always be the industry leader in the attitude, the front end of the luxury market.

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