Mei MINE sublimates flamingo series with love to create high-end home textile new ideas

Date: 2019-03-15
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Autumn has gone and winter has come. People are looking forward to this season of love. Everyone has a gift, that is, to love with all one's heart. In this season of love, it is pleasant for the beloved to receive a gift, and pleasant for the giver to have a lingering fragrance when his/her heart is served. Mei MINE, a high-end home textile brand, sublimates the inner needs of customers with love, launches flamingo series to deduce the sincerity of love, and conveys love to 'lovers'.

Mei MINE has long been used to excavate new elements from customers' emotional needs and refine them into fashion trends, classic and noble works. Through constant innovation, she promises to create unique bedding experience. This autumn, the French white goose down series take the lead, the home textile market down word of mouth and sales of the dark horse. Now winter just arrived, mei MINE promotes inspiration again, infuse this new vitality of flamingo. Whether it is double-sided crochet knitting technology, or pure cotton jacquard craft; No matter be abstract colour expression, still be the flamingo design of figure, burst out the spark that gives be full of imagination, more the love with abstruse mellow shows undoubted.

Birds of love, needle and thread

The MINE MINE flamingo series is one of the key products from the end of this year to next spring. Soft and glossy imported pure cotton jacquard fabric conveys the love care of nature and the love care of mei MINE. Quite make public fiery red colour divine bird design, resemble the rouge of the new dot on beauty lip, bright and dazzing, resplendent ground is blooming youth. Among them, double-sided crocheted knitting combination and pure cotton jacquard six-piece set are the most popular products. If they are given to lovers as holiday gifts, they will definitely feel comfortable in the touch and see the leisurely clouds. But can feel the legend of loulan ancient holy flamingo represented by the bold and unrestrained, tenacious and self, as the 'love' of the firm love.

Passionate love, like a flame, is unquenchable; If insist to fly again like the flamingo is strong and indomitable, mei MINE contains the gift of deep feeling and deep feeling, it is most suitable to convey the mind to the lover. Holy, enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained, the temperament of love reveals subsequently undoubtedly. Imagine shaking the sheets between your wrists, or tapping the soft pillows on your pillow. Adopt the super soft material sleeping MINE, bring the superior appearance and comfortable touch to your lover, arouse the sweet memory of walking hand in hand together; Contracted design and the combination of dazzling color, will be pleasing to the eye and pragmatism perfect integration, will love in the real life and long implied meaning of the show no doubt.

Bow shy flamingo, as lovers whisper, the love of beauty and enthusiasm in the red color, endowed with its symbol of beauty, mei MINE to help customers to express feelings, it may be said that the intention.

The messenger of affection conveys affection

Flamingo series, with lines as the main shading, the effect of the combination of virtual and real, plus the overall gray main body red ornament color mutual fusion, foil, under the contrast of light and shade, there is a kind of emotion can not hide, natural reveal. Generous fatherly love, shining with the light of stability and responsibility, flamingo series inherited the low profile used to mei MINE, just like the father's deep love, so quite get the father's favor. Slightly bow the flamingo, into a father rich inner whisper messenger; Crisp lines, as well as the atmosphere of color, in the father's every move, send out a masculine, intelligent temperament. And the mother's love, delicate and strong, rooted in the heart, rooted in every move, even the eyes of the alternating transmission of concern and deep feeling. Borrow the Christmas New Year's day these affection tell the sweet festival that reach, mei MINE flamingo serialize as the emissary that transmits affection, pour out the love to family depend on each other mutually in the depths of one's heart. Love of the whole heart to pay, this time into the exquisite, personal companions.

Mei MINE sublimates flamingo series with love to create high-end home textile new ideas

The graph is mei MINE flamingo series double-faced crotch combination gift bag

Sincere friendship ceremony, the deduction of love

Mei MINE is a high-end home textile brand. With years of experience in customer service, she knows that paying attention to details can help her understand customers' minds. It is said that small flamingos in Africa are the largest flock of birds in the world today. The discovery of this new element, flamingo, has been interpreted as a new design element, one of its symbols, is to love each other's friendship. People who believe in love, in addition to the pursuit of long-term love, mutual affection, of course, also yearn for the adversity of friendship, like the flamingo like a social gathering.

The stylist of mei MINE people, will low-key gray and powerful red confluence are together, allocate a new vision impact, former symbolizing the hand of gentleman is like water, latter is more like the liver between the friend photograph, intense and bright. If you regard it as the contracted in western style, can feel it is practical, it is fashionable, the heart like abstract picture is pleasing to the eye; If you regard it as the concise and comprehensive in the Oriental style, it can be used to introduce jade with a little bit of surface, and the situation like an ink painting is far-reaching. With this zhi li spread affection to express meaning, can be this year Christmas day the gift with the most connotation in friend circle.

He is good at designing the sleepy MINE which tells stories. This year, he gives full play to his endless creativity and interprets the giving of love with the new flamingo series. Noble design, sophisticated techniques, exquisite technology, exquisite and atmosphere to achieve a perfect balance, for us to present high-quality production. And this is full of warmth of the extreme, melt the world's most sincere and moving three kinds of love, affection, friendship.

As a high-end home textile brand, mei MINE is always willing to express love. When people still keep in mind the 'gift of true love' conveyed by the French white goose down series of mei MINE, she also offers the flamingo series of 'gift of gift' of love, which makes people appreciate the love, either low-key, or warm, or bright, or deep. In fact, love is never limited to any form of expression, we can listen to their own inner voice, tailored for the love of the gift of love. Let these colorful high-end bedding, into the warmth and joy of Christmas, let the flamingo arouse your dream about love, in the dream and love around into a happy New Year.

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