High-end home life private club sleep MINE with many surprises for you

Date: 2019-03-15
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High-end home life private club sleep MINE with many surprises for you

Pay attention to is a kind of life should have the way, the pursuit of superior quality, fit the refinement of time, but also respect for life.

To exquisite and luxurious filling, do not wronged the good gift of time, the essence of life lies in the only, comfortable, and difficult to imitate. From the manifestation of identity, the unique temperament of life experience, personalized customization of the concept of life only from the pouring of life.

The difference between the ordinary this symbol, once more is the celebrity aristocracy wind, and this perfection and satisfaction in the eyes of the upper circle means those who once filled with exquisite, honorable and glorious memories.

From pop star Madonna to Hollywood superstar George Clooney, from piano Wang Zilichad Cledemain to financial upstart, political celebrities, sleepless MINE become the first choice from head of state to public figures, has won the love and favor of countless people. Sleep MINE is a strong symbol of the separation, it defines the era of minority elite characteristics: Raise your hand is the center, at your fingertips can control! Any fleeting shocking is just a global selection of MINE, and the more scarce masters of design inspiration are MlNE's destination – to open up a real luxury dream in order to bring rare resources back to the minority that is understood and worth having.

Sleepless MINE provides people with quality, infinite tension, imaginative space, so that people can have the way to carve life dreams. The global high-end bedding brand-sleepless MINE and Zhengzhou Renmin road Dennis Double Sword Combination, will provide a small number of people in person to visit the brand value of the perfect opportunity to provide the city's elite class of fashion faith and luxury enjoyment.

The story of the sleepless MINE has also become wonderful and legendary here. High-end home life private meeting, sleep MINE unique exclusive sleep MINE designer footprint all over the world, with the most rigorous and critical life standards, the use of the world's most advanced, most demanding technology, interpretation of the most discerning living aesthetics. Advanced custom silk kits, luxurious commanding heights, a selection of alternative luxury sleep experience. From the high-priced raw cotton in the 45 regions of the Nile River in Egypt, to the top of the northern Nordic cold zone of Raw velvet. Color Bao has the connotation of precipitation, attributed to pure, without redundant rendering, focus on the overall atmosphere, light texture, in the abundance of color to deduce a luxurious romance.

The exquisite hand embroidery cast in the field of vision, can only be described as beautiful, this is beyond the life of the real re-amplification! This is a colorful 'new look'!
Indulge in the experience, near the quality of life, wonderful from the sleep MINE began.

Wonderful one: Fashion blockbuster, super luxury Handmade umbrella exhibition show dazzling crystal crown and beautiful and prosperous feather headdress refraction details luxury can not hide the gorgeous from Italy's handmade umbrella brand Maglia and Pasotti, sharp eyes of the charming is enviable unceasingly. The extraordinary umbrella has an irresistible charm, even the graceful model are eclipsed, with not only the identity of the symbol, but also the high taste of the evidence, no wonder the celebrity superstar hand. Enjoy a feast of Italian crafts and taste the world's top handmade umbrellas.

'With the money to buy an umbrella for a lifetime to buy a good umbrella, let it accompany you for the rest of your life' to bring you a lifetime of spirit, faith of the Refuge, Maglia and Pasotti in the palm of the hand condensed and wonderful. Wonderful two: Luxury to enjoy the United States Agri hand SPA Qianqian Jade refers to petulance life strings, sleep MINE purpose to care for you. The fun of the clay experience is still endless, let the sleepless MINE for your hands more than a layer of intimate love. Sleep MINE's senior therapist personally hands care for members, allowing them to enjoy a perfect hand SPA and teach the secrets of life care.

高端家居生活私享会寐MINE联手丹尼斯 众多惊喜为你来

Fisher is the authorized beauty brand of British royal family. Since king George iii of the United Kingdom, fisher has served nine British dynasties in succession, and has become the vents of the upper class and the place that the upper class is always in pursuit of. To this day, the barber of chufisil is still invited to Buckingham Palace or Windsor castle to provide door-to-door service for prince Philip and prince Charles. Mei MINE invites the international facial hair stylist to bring royal hairdressing and enjoyment to members.

Wonderful four: the time gap of the embroidery towel made by the private order, the abundant connotation must be the fine life woven by hand. Here, the life breath that pour out is full of the sense of achievement of the space to annotate the delicate of your life home. Mei MINE spot shows manual sweet bursa skill, embroider one party jin pa, embroider the design that gives you to like on silken with chromatic silk line, the spice that loads happy curative effect, the meeting that lets needle and line, on weaving cloth grace is in full bloom, have life temperament more than imaginary oneself.

Wonderful five: tasting exquisite afternoon tea leisure time, always want to be with people. Just like the melodious light music of atmosphere, delicate French dessert, conquer delicate and fastidious taste bud, facial features completely release makes you open all beautiful imagination. Tasting mei MINE2015 autumn and winter new products, talking time with old friends, spend leisure time together.

Exceed value activity, the spot is direct strike pleasant surprise is pleasantly surprised a: agrui Agraria is a wisp ooze the comfortable of the person, agrui sweet atmosphere always is a novel olfactory travel. US President barack Obama is a big fan of aigret's fragrant tassels. He said: 'these gorgeous, playful and chic tassels not only add charm to any door handle, but fragrance to every room.' The oldest luxury fragrance brand in the United States, the world's intercontinental hotel designated bath products brand, for countless superstar politicians designated household products. Aromatic tassel │ original price RMB 596 price is RMB 199

Surprise 2: luxury sleep set loves your retro elegance, just like the radiant light blooming in time. The duke of Windsor, the love of time travel. Pure cotton wool fabrics, with the hand touch, can know that warm obedience. Mei MINE the duke of Windsor 4 pieces are covered + 7 kongqiu by original price 5788 yuan price of activity 2599 yuan

Surprise 3: the choice of distinguished personages from lv yan of international famous stylist to celebrity couple xie na zhang jie, from fashionable queen ma yanli to fortune upstart, political distinguished personages... Mei MINE, as the world's top selected sleeping brand, has won the love and favor of numerous celebrities. Xiu red │ the original price is RMB 6999 yuan RMB 9068 activities our white original price 11899 yuan price 4999 yuan polish import by extraction type white goose down by activity price 26398 yuan price 7999 yuan time: on September 11-23, welcome you to visit renmin road of zhengzhou Dennis 4 f tasting life!

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