MERHOME sleep international home museum China's first store stationed in changsha

Date: 2019-03-12
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The world's lightest red wine glass, the Iceland goose duck down quilt with more than 400,000 yuan, the umbrella hand-made by senior craftsmen, the bottle opener loved by men... From now on, all these things can be seen, touched and felt in yuanjialing friendship store.


On September 4, MERHOME mei international famous home furnishing pavilion China's first official shop in the yuan jialing friendship store B 7 floor appearance, not only brought the world's top home furnishing brand of more than 20 countries of thousands of single products, but also can provide a noble and incomparable import of international famous overall home furnishing and soft outfit design customized services.

'Take the lead in the friendship store Yuan Guling appearance of the store, is a MERHOME mei international famous brand in China's first shop, show the thousands of kinds of goods is just some of the item, there are a lot of can be customized, the future will bring with hunan consumers more surprise', hunan mei household technology co., LTD, regional marketing director, Yang said.


In the friendship store MERHOME mei international famous home furnishing pavilion, the distinctive place can be seen everywhere: Global limited, only 3 jins weight, costs 428000 Austria Kauffman Iceland goose duck down quilt, the production process must not use any brand of top class environmental protection household containing formaldehyde chemical Somma, Italy is famous in the old sweet atmosphere of fifth avenue famous Agraria, seven star sailing hotel royal Turkish Hamam towel brand, Hollywood star shows a street fashion accessory Italian Marchesato marquis umbrella, Queen Elizabeth's husband prince Philip's personal belongings British royal family for 210 years the world's only certified men's grooming brand TRUEFITT&HILL...

Take a marquis umbrella as an example, each umbrella is made by a senior artisan artisan with an average age of over 60 years old purely by hand, not only beautiful appearance, but also lifelong system in after-sales service, all returned to the factory for maintenance, so that you only love one umbrella in your life, but also fall in love with rainy days from now on.


Can say, arrive from the sitting room bedroom, from bath morpheus, from occupy the home to go out, MERHOME of friendship store MERHOME is tasted the 13 global and top entrance that household hall introduces exclusively lives in life brand, covered almost all aspects of household life, let a person praise unceasingly.

In fact, the friendship shop MERHOME mei international famous household museum since August 27 since the test business, has been many people concerned about the quality of life and love, and accepted the villa private custom service.



In the bedroom, you can customize Somma's Egyptian long-staple cotton exclusive high-density jacquard suite and Kauffmann Iceland goose duck down quilt as the main bed products, with a decade of non-destructive use of the grade Mine Home mattress, room wardrobe using French Maryse a Paris sachet, more suitable for family preferences. In the bathroom, you can customize the Turkish Hamam towel kit and Hydrea London toiletry products, paired with LSF, an ancient Italian artisanal soap. Due to the cold weather in changsha in winter, turning on the air conditioner will make you feel stuffy. You can make Jaipur hand-made carpets for your family in India. Meanwhile, you can also make Kashmir cashmere blankets for the elderly by Somma. Of course, customize a set of Italian Zafferano 'breathing wine glass', and invite friends to relax in your spare time.

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