Highlight luxury taste mei MINE creates top life enjoyment

Date: 2019-03-10
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Classic is not to get instant attention, but to make people never forget, this is mei MINE for classic interpretation. Inheriting the luxury white goose down home textile enjoyed exclusively by European aristocrats in the 17th century, every product handled by mei MINE is like a piece of exquisite artworks, which is simple but not vulgar, luxurious but not complicated, luxurious but not exposed, thus creating a classic legend that will be handed down forever. She, the nobility like white swan, explained costly household life perfect and classic. She, after years of baptism and precipitation, created a pure noble blood, inadvertently revealed the luxury, let you involuntarily intoxicated.

Highlight luxury taste mei MINE creates top life enjoyment

Mei, It 's MINE

Mei MINE, with its distinctive way apply colors to a drawing costly, with the craft that shows originality and design alone, collect the world most jin GUI does not have 2 capable person to pledge, interweave the bedroom art work that a paragraph is exclusive at nobility only enjoy, gift top class courtesy is enjoyed. You know what? MINE is originally taken from the meaning of 'MINE' in English, to provide personalized products and services for every urban upstart who pursues self-expression, as well as honorable one-to-one services, so that every consumer can enjoy unique luxury services in MINE. Sleep, let you realize without leaving the door to feel the fairmont, ritz-carlton, waldorf, peninsula hotel coveted comfort, It's MINE!

More and more middle class gradually realize that the real luxury is the upward aesthetic consciousness and the upward lifestyle. The 'luxury' atmosphere created by luxury does not come from the superiority of economic wealth, but the pursuit of an ideal lifestyle. This rational pursuit of an upward lifestyle makes them more willing to spend money

More time and money is spent on household items that are closely related to their lives. And mei MINE, it is dedicated to provide high quality household products for the new urban rich, spread the fashion household culture, lead the international trend of luxury home furnishing model!

Only mei unique quality global selection

The eye is not the only sense that has the power to decide. When the skin and the product touch, all your senses will be solidified, whether in the magnificent noble mansion or the upscale villa in the countryside. From luxury cruises between Southampton and New York to private yachts docked in Victoria harbour, you can feel the excellent quality of MINE sleep: this is the lure of MINE sleep.

Mei, has been serving not only value the brand effect of the product but also pay more attention to the high quality of the product. All the time, mei insists and implements the core concept of 'global selection', sells the products from the world's top sleep brands, and provides professional services to the honorable customers who pursue perfect luxury sleep quality. So mei mime, stick to the most demanding requirements for product quality, collected from all over the world top class material, luxury choose Egypt Nile advanced raw cotton, frigid northern Europe's top down, from the royal Asia luxurious warm cashmere, silk, Kashmir mountains to ensure perfect product details, in the simple present perfect sense. By 2010, mei MINE has carried out technical and commercial cooperation with the best raw material suppliers in more than 30 countries and regions.

Mei life reveals low-key luxury

Fashion of the day, turn into tomorrow, numerous or simple, or gorgeous or low-key, who can experience the test of time? Mei MINE, the beauty of nature and art, craft achieve wonderful union, once come out, be chased after hold in both hands by everybody, won't because of time elapse and become fashionable knockout article.

From the day of its birth, mei MINE has locked its eyes on such a group. They have a strong independent spirit and strive to release their emotions and realize their self-value. They pursue different or even unique life experience, and establish their own life style with their personality and taste. Mei MINE provides the ultimate luxury service, but demonstrates the low-key wisdom, and expresses the greatest respect for self-emotion with simple style.

Years of circulation, mei MINE noble service as always. As Hollywood stars say of chanel, 'if you don't know what to wear, wear chanel.' In terms of the choice of home furnishing brand, mei MINE also enjoys such a special honor. According to J.M, a British boy who is on a business trip to China, 'this time I went on a business trip to China, and asked my wife what kind of gift I wanted. This is the classic charm of mei MINE! She is gradually bringing a luxury home textile revolution to Chinese consumers.

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