Mei MINE's global collection achieves top classics

Date: 2019-03-15
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One walks into mei MINE, can feel that kind low-key , without the adornment of heavy and complicated, but all capable person that enter an eye is qualitative let a person be able to experience a high quality definitely.

Classics, can withstand the baptism of time, let the passage of time, all things change, its noble and quality not only will never be obliterated, but endure for a long time. Top class household brand mei MINE, it is a brand that deduces classic, each product that she produces, imitate if a delicate taste, brief and not common, China and not numerous, sumptuous and not show. She is fashionable, but not fashionable, but a classic fashion. Because she knows, so extreme, and ultimately achieve the classic.

Mei's English MINE takes the meaning of 'I' from English to promote the sense of individual belonging. In the world of mei MINE,  it is philosophy of a kind of life, costly it is a kind of immanent quality. Slam the door sedulous adornment, the aesthetic feeling that pursues business essence coruscate, demand the perfection of every detail and acme. With contracted and the visual language that does not break grade will express the make public of design thought and individual character, never stick to at pure material concept, outstanding space design and masterly adornment craft all the time times times attention and esteem highly.

Polar velvet - Eskimo wild grey goose down quilt

One walks into mei MINE, can feel that kind of low-key costly, without the adornment of heavy and complicated, but all material that enter the eye lets a person be able to feel clearly extremely high quality. Because be worth winter, the show area of duvet core made special adornment, very grab an eye. Different national flags are hung on top of each other, and the quilt is also decorated with ribbons evolved from each flag. The original mei MINE always uphold the core concept of 'global selection', constantly in the global scope, looking for the highest quality raw materials and the most top process. This year, mei MINE brought back 7 types of high quality goose down quilts from 5 countries and regions in the extremely cold region after visiting the high latitude regions around the world. The climate environment with distinctive different producing area and humane amorous feelings gifted these goose down to be mixed by respective and different characteristic, and among them with a top class Eskimo wild ash goose down is the most precious, the price is as high as 100 thousand yuan, global set limit to only 50 beds.

Mei MINE's global collection achieves top classics

Polar velvet - Eskimo wild grey goose down quilt

The Eskimo wild grey goose, a protected, migratory wild waterfowl, has a brownish gray body and more than 90 percent velvety plumage to ward off polar cold. Under the strict rules and regulations of the Canadian government, only the eskimos and Cree indians who have obtained the legal license can enter the breeding area to obtain the precious down materials every year. The viscosity of Eskimo wild grey goose down is very strong and cannot be sorted by machine. From the purification of raw wool with 30% of the wool content after cleaning to the quality down products with 95% of the wool content, it must completely rely on manual labor, and only a technician with years of hand-picking experience can complete this fine work. Therefore, the production of Eskimo wild grey goose down is extremely limited.

Mei MINE Eskimo wild grey goose down from the original down association of Canada's highest certification from the selection of a small number of the top of the original down,  wool content more than 95%, cleanliness 800mm, oxygen consumption is 4.8mg/100g, more environmentally friendly and healthy. These raw materials far exceed the highest level of down standards of all countries, and have been confirmed by the world's highest standards of down research institutions, in line with the top black diamond standards, and each Eskimo wild grey goose down quilt has a one-to-one Canada down association professional certification tag, the number of raw materials can be traced to query.

In order to restore the natural attribute of Eskimo grey goose down to the maximum extent, mei MINE studies the complex and complicated nature, and finally determines to create elegant and luxurious silky and warm enjoyment with luxury all-silk fabric, and presents it to the tasteful people who pursue the ultimate life.

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