Create ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings mei MINE home textile classic products

Date: 2019-03-15
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 Value, time to prove. As one of the top home textile brand leaders, mei MINE relies on royal bearing, luxury blood, global selection and pure aesthetics to write the classic legend of home textile family on the circulation. She represents intellectual, elegant, contracted, low-key, costly, more classic inheritance. She conveys a luxurious but not extravagant lifestyle. Her ultimate pursuit of perfect design, the design of the products to fully demonstrate a 'pure aesthetics' pay attention to the quality of refined design, abandoned the fancy cloth, pure details to win, to make every work completely belongs to the creation of the world's only, precipitate in the years of experience, not just to be a contemporary classic, more hope bright such as 'the tears of god' in one thousand.

Mei to the choice of each kind of raw material and production need to pass 210 different test, in order to achieve strict quality standards, from the material to let consumers get quality assurance, committed to more classic, more excellent home textile supplies to China's elite family. 'Character marketing' under the principle of 'character first' is just a good annotation of luxury services. It is the essence of luxury services to offer customers unconditional love and the most intimate feelings. Mei, every product, will become a classic!

    Hun ran day chengmei MINE zhen Ming empress pure silk quilt

缔造万种风情 寐MINE家纺经典产

  Imitation seems to have not from the last century in the old beauty of the mood step, and suddenly the flow of rhythm, elegant demeanour, a silk beyond your imagination is leaping eyes. As mei mime the classic silk series products, pure silk by mei mime the zhen Ming queen only authorized Japan zhen Ming queen USES the global patent technology (mei exclusive), select the purely natural mulberry silk cocoon, using 100% national grade 6 a mulberry silk soft fabrics, through precise process reeled into the system, the its silk 800 ~ 1400 meters long, natural wavy shape, combined with light doupion silk cocoon, create a high quality natural silk. What is amazing is that 3 million individual wavy filaments are arranged vertically and uniformly. A bed of silk connected by the silk can circle the earth 60 times, which is so valuable and unique, interpreting the beauty of nature and enjoying the luxury of poetic life.

   Luxurious feast mei MINE features Iceland goose duck down quilt

缔造万种风情 寐MINE家纺经典产

 Luxury quality, extreme details; Dream, few have! Honored as 'the king of the world', the royal goose eiderdown quilt of Iceland has the legendary charm, elegant nobility, wild and uninhibited mystery and the power of making public. As the representative of luxury enjoyment of European noble extreme amorous feelings, mei MINE, valued at 298,000 yuan, has broken people's original concept of bed quilt in an instant with its revered historical inheritance, the authentication value of appreciation class and exquisite and complicated production process. It is the only high-end quilt selected from rare and precious wild goose and duck down in Iceland by mei MINE. The annual yield of wild goose and duck down is only 2000kg, and 10 beds are issued in limited quantity worldwide. Tracing back to the origin, in the course of hundreds of years of history, the European royal family all the Iceland wild eiderdown quilt as the royal nobles of the royal bed, these lords for Iceland eiderdown quilt brought by the noble feelings of worship. At present, with the last bed of Iceland goose duck down sold in changsha mei MINE store, mei brand Iceland goose duck down appeared out of stock phenomenon.

  Romantic and elegant mei MINE 'gorgeous' silk suite

缔造万种风情 寐MINE家纺经典产

   'Multicolored' is more like a magician with magic skills and fantasy. She inherits the mysterious Oriental embroidery which is almost lost, and the seeding embroidery which is full of mystery and graceful and beautiful breath, and the collision with modern plastic art blossoms a brilliant spark. Abstract patterns with hollow-out effect are changed in the depth of colors and the density of stitches to produce unique vitality and reveal elegant and gorgeous noble temperament. Mix of the old process of the modern plastic arts, made from artificial glimmer, the patterns of the representational abstraction, that will is to point to the form will be treated as design into a hollow out effect, change in color shades and stitch density, make the design more rich vitality, contain a unique visual charm, rendering the luxury beyond the natural breath, fresh and fashion, such as forest happy feeling to families, space more fully.

Body does not have colourful feng shuangfei wing, the heart has ling xi yi tiantong, taking elegant and high classic lasting appeal, mei MINE 'ling xi' pure silk jacquard by it may be said is the classic work that stylist people pass on for generations again. Selected pure natural and high quality silk, silk quality is even and smooth, using 100% national 4A grade silk jacquard fabric, interpreting the beauty of nature, aiming to bring you luxury and poetic life. Silky burnish and silky feel reveal noble quality and delicate pursuit, the jacquard with pure and fresh and unique style reflects a kind of dream feeling that is like real if unreal. Perhaps time passes, only style remains.

    Story of 1000 gauze mei MINE 'xi yue' Egyptian long-staple cotton suite

缔造万种风情 寐MINE家纺经典产

Sunshine for, moonlight for weft, pure yarn, exclusive luxury. Xiyue, a textile concept that challenges the limit of fine yarn with the highest quality Egyptian long-staple cotton! With the closeness of cotton, the smoothness of silk and the exquisite weaving of thousands of yarns, we create a luxurious exclusive space for you. Xi yue selects Egyptian long-staple cotton as raw material, and the yarn fineness and fabric density have reached the world's top level. The beauty of xi yue products is not only the density of the yarn, but also the extraordinary softness and silky luster of the fabric. The most surprising thing is that it is beyond the usual high density of the weight of the imprisonment, no heavy feel, but surprisingly light and delicate, all of which all stem from our top raw materials and demanding process of unremitting pursuit.

These carry the mei MINE home textile works of time, blooming gracefully in the luxurious and magnificent stage, deducing the legendary chant of modern home furnishing, and carving out the lasting light of luxury life.

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