Mei mine: create the crest of high-end home textile brand of duvet

Date: 2019-03-15
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With the advent of the material era, all kinds of home textile products are hit 'high-end' 'high-end' and other definition slogan, but what is the real high-end brand? What is the most extravagant quilt? Mei MINE, the leader of China's high-end home textile brand, gives her own answer.

From the name of luxury, a new class was born

Mei MINE home technology co., LTD., affiliated to mengjie home textile (002397) co., LTD., is the most important part of the globalization strategy of mengjie home textile. As mendale high-end brand of home textile, mei mime in adhering to the mendale home textile 'character first' brand essence at the same time, pay more attention to social and urban upstart successful interpretation and digging in my heart, for a long time, sleep soundly mime adhere to and implement the core idea of 'global select' sales come from the world's top sleep products, professional services for valued customers perfect luxury sleep quality, is extremely costly, experience distinguished symbol, but also health, science and technology, trustworthy, absolutely safe. Mei MINE since its birth, stick to the most demanding requirements for product quality, collected from all over the world top class material, luxury choose Egypt Nile senior raw cotton, frigid northern Europe's top down, from the royal Asia luxurious warm cashmere, silk, Kashmir mountains to ensure perfect product details, in the simple present perfect sense.

Because pay, so glory. Mei MINE stands out in the competitive high-end home textile market by virtue of its simple but not vulgar, Chinese but not complicated, luxury but not revealing style. It has opened nearly 100 stores and counters in dozens of large and medium-sized cities in China, and established business relations with more than 300 foreign businessmen in dozens of countries and regions. The company relies on the globalization resources sharing platform, the introduction international famous home textile design, and with Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries home textile design studio has a wide range of information exchange and cooperation, to ensure that mei brand always leads the local high-end home textile development trend, and with the world home textile industry synchronization.

Personality service, in order to show the meticulous new class respect identity

The desire for luxury is one of the instincts of human nature. If the old style luxury only adopts 'the most expensive' in product selection, then the new style luxury pays more attention to the improvement of service details after the change of 'the most suitable', and guides consumers to enjoy a new way of life. The experience evolves into the meaning of 'love care' and the rare duvet. And life can meet the urban upstart or successful people this demanding group, probably only the top luxury quality of mei MINE and its meticulous service.

The best service is not to make customers satisfied, but to really consider the interests of customers. This is one of the tenets of mei MINE's luxury service. As follow the concept of global select high-end home textile brands, mei MINE always luxury brand service and confirm to the world first to put forward including close professional with purchasing services, quick and convenient door-to-door service, reliable and secure washing service, splendid life monogrammed service, exclusive personality closed shop service, five-star personalized custom services to display the brand and quality, and to obtain the consistent trust and consumer recognition. As an international brand of top class high-end bedding, mei MINE 360 ° costly service, not only the personality service high-end home textile industry in China, also demonstrated its brand and its customers elegant, noble identity.

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