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Date: 2019-03-15
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During the launch of mei MINE2013 autumn and winter new product series 'wild Africa', Sylvia, brand promotion director of mei MINE, was interviewed by this magazine. It was not until then that we understood why mei MINE is so introverted but has a remarkable light, and the brand wisdom of mei MINE was slowly elaborated in the communication of one question and one answer:

Even in the age of the Internet, travel has given life special meaning and inspiration. Why do you travel? Some people want to relax, some people want to enrich life, some people to explore the unknown, some people to conquer the adventure,... There are also people who take travel as a more profound thing. Through travel, they can reach the philosophy of life beyond the reach of ordinary people. Through travel, they can connect themselves with the nation and the country through individuals and brands.

Think of the European youth in the early last century's trend of adventure travel, it was a young man to become a gentleman required courses. The journey is difficult, may not enjoy, but also need to be smart and brave test, finally complete the adventure back, bring not only their own growth, but also for the country into the vitality of transformation. In today's China, there is also a group of people like this, they gather all the inspiration about beauty in the long journey, in the firm walk, cultivate themselves also cultivate brand. With the world's top selection of raw materials and superb skills, weaving a piece of a story of the product, for the Chinese brand branded 'top' label, leading the global household industry fashion, the achievement of China's luxury brands. This group is the team behind mei MINE, a top sleeping brand.

During the launch of mei MINE2013 autumn and winter new product series 'wild Africa', Sylvia, brand promotion director of mei MINE, was interviewed by this magazine. It was not until then that we understood why mei MINE is so introverted but has a remarkable light, and the brand wisdom of mei MINE was slowly elaborated in the communication of one question and one answer:

Mei MINE always takes 'global selection' as the core concept. Can you explain what 'global selection' is?

Sylvia: in MINE's world, a life without regrets is the pursuit of perfection, whether it's design resources or lifestyle. Looking for the highest standards of raw materials and the world's most advanced, the most stringent process, mei mime designer footprint can be said to be the scour the world: the Nile of Egypt 45 senior giza raw cotton, frigid northern Europe's top down, the Himalayas HeMu pull on the need for cashmere, derived from Asia's royal luxury silk, top Italian weaving process, the world's most advanced German silk defatted technology and silk down-proof technology, even the Malaysian virgin forest root carving prop... All these persistent picky, only committed to providing users with the highest quality sleep experience.

So, has the team of mei MINE traveled to the most beautiful place in the world? Does a work trip make sense for your designers?

Sylvia: of course, the designer of mei MINE is going through this moment of showing the international vision of national brands and the position of global aesthetic vents through walking. We want to go as far as we can, measure the scale of the world with the wisdom of art, and write down the ultimate pursuit of beauty in every detail of travel and design. Walking, constantly walking, witness, find, record, inspire, this is not only yearning, but also the mission!

Mei MINE2013 autumn and winter new product series theme is 'wild Africa', after going deep into the African hinterland, in addition to bring new products, you will have what special feeling is hope to pass on to everyone?

Sylvia: Africa is a continent that is touched by the wild, it has a lot of color and a lot of character. Here, the confrontation and competition between life and nature, life and life, on the desert, the roar of life and the cry of the jedi, let us think, review, in the contact with nature, what have we done? What have you forgotten? It is this kind of thinking that makes people shake their hearts and give thanks to nature. No matter how happy or sad they are, no matter how they grow or die, every morning and dusk is their paradise forever.

During this trip to Africa, it was said wrongheshly that traveling is just about going from one place you are tired of living to another place the locals are also tired of living, and finally returning to the original placeless life. He was wrong. Take mei MINE this season's new products for example, 'twilight' to help us retain the light of the African sunset, 'chase' to remind us to remember the leopard's unruly and beautiful, never let their hearts yield to fate, never let the thoughts stay in place, not to lose the courage to explore the world unknown.

As far as we know, each set of products of mei MINE has a story about life or family. How do you understand the relationship between bedding and family?

Sylvia: bed and bed is so subtle things, it makes us to drift implicative and bold and unrestrained, grace and wild, mysterious and sexy, all the resentment and obsession here, all the power of the release and regrouped, here only mastered the secret between the heart, they can better control the house of the future.

As a home furnishing brand, mei MINE has the obligation to face, solve and share with all the women who have beautiful yearning, so as to jointly feel and get! Mei MINE as a household brand fashion mark at the same time, the more responsibility is to create a sensual and sexy experience and visual impact, presents the offensive positive mood extremely the product, give a woman desire, let a man, will not be able to resist the sexy and sensibility, for each family to build a wonderful feast 'unspeakable'.

Since 2012, the real estate industry has been gradually affected by the economic crisis. Has the home furnishing industry also reacted? How does mei MINE deal with low consumer confidence?

Sylvia: the impact is inevitable, but we have every reason to believe that all crises are precursors to change. Moreover, the turnaround must be the first to favor those who believe and hold optimistic, confident and diligent brand. There are now more than 10 million HNWIs in the world, according to data, with a combined worth of $40 trillion. This group will not be kept awake by the so-called global economic crisis, nor will they give up their desire to consume because of the economic collapse. Instead, they hope to buy something special to go back to. That is to say, even if the crisis is inevitable, even if the economy is really getting worse, only bad taste and fast fashion will be eliminated, and truly high-quality products and high-quality lifestyle will be re-examined and focused. As Chanel after the world war ii era of poverty and contrarian living gorgeous way of dressing, 09 economic crisis when her enchanting declaration: the economy is getting worse, the skirt to get shorter! We will find that the more difficult it is, the more people need to enhance and show an optimistic attitude through strong, full color, gorgeous and enthusiastic graphics, exquisite and excellent quality and self-confident and unpretentious sexy.

In an economy where all the driving forces are succumbing to the negative sentiment that the economy is getting worse, what kind of goods are more appealing? Relative market mei mime designers think more is worth studying and grasp of the people's desire and demand, this season 5 MINE 'wild African' series of products, because of the consumption environment, designers took the acme is bold and unrestrained, full color, strong ambition, intense tiger stripes, charm, sexy leopard grain, with layers of rich attitude shows different tact and wild, wake up and release the original desire and passion people hidden the bottom of my heart, to the present low consumer information and the like can be polished away by life passion as low body and mind, exciting issued a call for Let everyone return to the real and powerful world.

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