Mei pai opens a customized global exhibition tour

Date: 2019-03-15
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 if the concept of couture clothing has become commonplace, then the concept of custom home bedding is still a complete blank. Recently, changsha vanke purple Taiwan, celebrities gathered, peak gathering, mengjie home textile's high-end bedroom brand mei MINE and Italy's century-old bedroom brand Somma, launched the first stop of the global haute couture tour exhibition.

I. mengjie home textile opens the 'customization' of the home textile industry

Do not like the same, more do not like the shirt, do not love sameness, hate the popular, hate mass production of things, but had to accept the choice of helplessness. However, mengjie home textile this high - end custom global tour exhibition, the ultimate elite people on the bedding trouble.

From design, material selection, board making to production are based on personal unique preferences and determined, pure manual technology is reflected in the dream of jie mei high-grade luxury concept. Mendale mei mime to design emphasis for services beyond customer expectations, quantity 'r', the classic element into the new inspiration and deduce a maverick tolerance and style, art passion extending divergence and penetrated to every unique soul look forward to, to use for this, caring heart, spare no effort to convey brand soul art original strong passion for life, like a duck to water drifting on art and life as a subtle transformation, precise control of the wisdom of the aesthetic and comfortable freedom balance.


Mei MINE chief designer for the VIP on-site demonstration, from the sketch drawing stage of the flash, to the production of the middle of the repeated modification, to the final processing perfect, bright listing, the whole process has gathered countless efforts, can be called the crystallization of wisdom.

Ii. High-end quality makes high-end customization

Mei MINE's latest high set bedroom can definitely attract your eyes -- blend luxury with elegance, endow every tasteful person who longs for luxury and sleep with elegant, extraordinary and glorious noble feelings, make every product become a work, become exclusive, present top class elegance, and achieve romantic luxury.


Iceland's annual output of 2000 kg of goose and duck down Iceland, the most known as 'the world's most warm love care', embroidery master as long as half a year of manual embroidery, precious origin of German silk and so on. Gathering together on the site of the advanced customization tour of mengjie mei MINE, the high-end quality and technology have created a wonderful journey of super-luxury high-end customization of bedding.


In the mei MINE advanced customization site, the original loom and all kinds of classic textiles, as well as the embroidery and drawing on site are displayed, which one by one represents the superb craftsmanship and high-end raw materials of the top brand of mei MINE, making the brand shine in the field of luxury home textiles.

This advanced customization tour exhibition of mengjie home textile sleep MINE pioneered the customization of the home textile industry. With the brand new marketing perspective of advanced customization, it targeted the more precise high-end customer circle, established the non-price competition mode, and presented the first customized feast for the home textile industry. In addition to the luxury journey you can experience offline, you can also experience visual feast online. On July 20, the flagship store of mengjie home textile sleep MINE Tmall will be opened, which will also open the online high-end customization of the home textile industry.

Besides dream clean home to spin mei MINE outside, dream clean home to spin subordinate individual character brand seeks (MEE) also be in also have many action, use the popular topic of World Cup recently, sponsor 'goddess cheers' a series of popular video program, the brand remodel that dream clean home spins seeks (MEE) will become home to spin industry another popular topic.

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