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Date: 2019-03-12
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On April 15, 2017, Qingdao hisense finally ushered in the magnificent blooming of mei MINE international home life pavilion! At this moment, she appeared in front of people with the most elegant posture, embracing all the guests and friends who have been giving her attention and love ~~

♥♥ Panic panic so beautiful exciting, you certainly will not choose to pass through ~~

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

On-site mall leaders, media check in

Accompanied by the cello melodious melody, April 15 at 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, Qingdao hisense plaza general manager Ms. Song wing mei and mei home general manager Mr. Yang filled with red wine, common wish MINE mei international home life museum opened, sales changhong!

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

Next by the model to mei MINE high - quality household products were displayed

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

Full of beautiful things in eyes, extremely rich sense of luxury household goods, I believe that everyone wants to have:

Agraria, an old American perfume, is the most famous fragrance on fifth avenue

Hamam, the official towel brand of seven star galleon hotel

Hollywood stars paraded the Italian fashion accessory Marchesato Marchesato umbrella

The British royal family has been the world's only certified men's grooming brand for 210 years

The day sleep global select product get VIP member's extremely pursue after hold in both hands

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

Spain KEYTON massage chair:

Office and leisure integration, top layer calfskin, European original imported oak

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

All hand-made umbrella MAGLIA imported from Italy

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

Italian heritage SPA personal care · hair comb series

MINE HOME|寐家居 凝聚匠心 华丽启幕

Mei · seven-star wash and care product Ecover

April, spring breeze ten miles, not as good as first to browse here, MINE HOME and you meet hisense Qingdao ~~

Address: fourth floor mei MINE international home life pavilion, hisense plaza, Qingdao

Counter telephone: 157-1275-8421

Qingdao hisense mei MINE international home life museum opens

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