"Chinese giant" mei 2019 new product release conference - giant soul, Chinese charm

Date: 2019-03-12
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      On the evening of December 26, in the landmark of changsha -- IFS gold center, a grand and magnificent Chinese style press conference curtain pulled up, 'Chinese giant' sleep 2019 new season of new products in changsha officially released.

      This season's products once appeared, amazing, not only is the appearance of products, but also a wonderful show of Chinese culture. According to understand, mei brand 2019 season high to China famous embroidery artists invited to the set, state-level non-material cultural heritage inheritance, is known as the queen of suzhou embroidery Yao Jianping and famous xiang embroidery artists, arts and crafts master of China, national nonmaterial cultural heritage inheritance - jian-xin liu, completed 'mother instrument' and 'celebrate' the two works. The two artists are both national treasures of China. In 2012, President xi jinping presented the suzhou embroidery work 'time is like a song' to the queen as a state gift to show the friendship between the two countries. 'Mei' brand has been committed to the creation and dissemination of simple, elegant art of life, to have a unique style of design, to meet the spiritual pursuit of successful people and urban upcomers.

      According to mei brand general manager tu general introduction, 2019 season of new high set a total of four, respectively: 'the world', 'universal celebration', 'peace and prosperity', 'the Forbidden City'.

      'Mother instrument world' with the dragon, ten thousand words grain background, phoenix to instrument as the main body, surrounded by means of auspicious and rich peony. And non-genetic exquisite su embroidery technology for the combination.

      'Universal' is the wedding theme products, set unique innovative design, high quality fabrics, high level of embroidery technology in one, and especially used the famous 'punk needle' and gold embroidery, lasted 8 months to complete.

      Another to 'dragon' as the main element of the 'peace and prosperity' is mei to world peace, strong national strength of a kind of expectations and wishes, but also to pay tribute to China's five thousand years of cultural and artistic prosperity and endless!

      It is understood that the concept of 'Chinese giant' was first put forward by Mr. Jiang tianwu, chairman of mengjie group in 2016. Jiang always has a deep and profound feeling for Chinese culture. Mei designer picks inspiration according to the concept of 'Chinese giant' and completes the flower design. From the creative idea to the careful selection of product materials, it took 4 months for the designer to complete the presentation process from the creative idea to the fabric. And invited the suzhou embroidery master yao jianping, xiang embroidery master liu jianxin two Chinese non-hereditary inheritors, before and after the time of 10 months, complete the whole manual embroidery. Then it took another 3 months to finish the manual hot drilling, bead nailing, flat sewing and other work, and finally finished the production of the finished product. This is not only a tribute to the Chinese craftsman, but also to Chinese culture!

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