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Soft fashion designer
Major in fine arts
Base salary:4K-12K

Job responsibilities:

1. Customer reception: capture customers' home purchase needs and achieve sales of high-end home furnishings;

2. Design service: deeply understand the customer's lifestyle, provide customers with professional personalized soft decoration design, and make the furniture and household supplies present the most satisfactory effect to customers through design;

3. Customer situation maintenance: form long-term stable and good interactive relationship with customers, become trustworthy home furnishing consultant for customers, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and maintain brand reputation


1. College degree or above, major in interior design, decorative arts, exhibition or fine arts is preferred;

2. Skilled operation: CAD, PHOTOSHOP, PPT and other drawing software, EXCEL and other office software are preferred;

3. Love life, like to accept challenging work, and can work under great pressure;

4. Strong communication and understanding ability, independent and responsible, cheerful personality, active thinking, meticulous work, strong team spirit, good image and temperament

5. Education and experience requirements can be relaxed for excellent candidates

Salary and benefits:

1. Salary structure: basic salary + commission + five social insurance and one housing fund + seniority allowance, etc. (based on personal work experience and skills: basic salary ranging from 4000 to 12000, plus monthly sales incentives);

2. Welfare program: five social insurance and one housing fund, holiday welfare, marriage and child birthday welfare, paid annual leave, national legal subsidies, annual physical examination, group activities, regular professional training and other complete and rich welfare programs.

Purchasing supervisor
There is no limit on the professional
Base salary:6K

Job responsibilities:

1. Searched for home product development factories and implemented the task of development and proofing;

2. Cost analysis of purchased products, comprehensive inspection of development factories, and determination of cooperative manufacturers.


1. College degree or above, major in home furnishing, textile or dyeing is preferred;

2. Have certain artistic taste and sensitivity to colors;

4. Honest, good communication skills.

Gift buying manager
There is no limit on the professional
Base salary:6K

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products in gift, group purchase, shopping malls, enterprises, institutions and other channels.

2. Responsible for maintaining sales channels, with strong business development ability and resource integration ability.


1. Good appearance, good communication and negotiation skills, able to travel;

2. Similar working experience in clothing, home textile and other retail positions is preferred;

3. Successful experience in direct selling of group-buying gifts to key customers or with customer resources and group-buying customer resources is preferred.

Regional manager/city manager
There is no limit on the professional
Base salary:10K


Responsible for regional management and promotion.

Including shopping mall negotiations, event planning and management, personnel training, sales management, goods management.


1. Under the age of 36, the appearance level and temperament conform to the high-end brand image

2. More than five years of experience in similar positions

3. Good personality, good professional quality, strong communication and coordination ability

4. Similar experience in clothing, home furnishing and home textile is preferred.

Franchise sequence requirements for frequent travel;

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