Exotic golden wedding anniversary, another harvest of 500,000 pre-stored

Ms. Xu of ningbo no.6 space is meipai's super V customer in 2017. Because the itinerary of the global selection tour in the sixth season conflicts with her own itinerary, coinciding with the golden wedding anniversary of Ms. Xu's parents this year, Ms. Xu gave the travel plan to her parents.

When mei learns golden marriage this one message, begin to begin to be in the travel the surprise that brings a golden marriage and blessing for two old. Workers arrived in New Zealand, after buying the adornment such as candles, flowers, balloons, and collect the second-oldest photos when I was younger, and memories of the way, will travel photos of the blessings of family and peer group members wish made the electronic photo album, for Martin khor couples with a unique and meaningful exotic golden jubilee.

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