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    The unity of the highest quality and the highest grade is the only definition of mei MINE for perfection. Mei MINE breaks through Chen GUI ceaselessly, break fetter handcuffs, created a lot of 'the first' with 'initiative' that lets global industry personage respect and admire. Because be fastidious all the time perfect, thing is done acme, hold firmly 'global choiceness', mei MINE becomes the leader of global household fashion, erect oneself luxury brand for China.

Contracted it is philosophy of a kind of life, costly it is a kind of inherent quality, release maturity and grace in the round in keeping an eye on STH. Mei MINE is a unanimous choice from head of state, public figures and fashion masters.

Brand video Think / Act / Enjoy / Request / Advocate Self / Choose Life
About MINE

Mei MINE holds to with the most rigorous and fastidious one's life experience standard, the understanding to grade household, every detail that infuses a product deeply, content is done acme, breakthrough Chen GUI is mei MINE is right perfect only definition.

Since its establishment in London, UK in 1995, mei MINE has won the respect and admiration of global professionals by creating many 'firsts' and created the legend of China's luxury home furnishing brand.

  • MINE Brand proposition
  • ——High-end, Difference, Personality
  • Provide top-notch home for successful people who focus on quality of life and new urban nobles who pursue their own life Ju advocates and creates a legend about home.
  • Release mature and elegant brand charm in an all-round way.
  • MINE Brand advantage
  • 1. Global Selection
  • 2. Global Selection Technology
  • 3. Global Selected Brands
  • 4. Professional Development Ability of Leading Industries
  • 5. High-end customer resources in the market
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