MINE,From Head of State to Public Persons, Bedroom is the First Choice ———Brand Starts from History———
  • In 2002
    In 2002

    MINE has been fully stationed in the top shopping malls in China, which has opened a bright road for the brand to constantly overload itself

  • In 2001
    In 2001

    Shanghai international home textile fair, MINE in the Chinese mainland stunning appearance

  • In 2000
    In 2000

    The brand MINE was officially born in Oxford Street, London

  • In 1996
    In 1996

    The MINE brand is registered on st. John's Wood street in London

  • In 1995
    In 1995

    Several young designers with artistic dreams, MINE art studio 'Impression' has been established and put into operation in Paris

  • In 1990
    In 1990

    A little cold spring day, the idea for a top home improvement brand was born at Johnson's Tearoom on the Thames in London

    Mei MINE, a high-end home textile brand of mengjie group

MINE Industry initiative
    • In 2007
      In 2007
      Iceland goose eiderdown quilt is on the market for 298,000 yuan.
    • In 2006
      In 2006
      'Global select' concept industry debut. Opening the first flagship store with an area of 2,000 square meters in China, introducing the concept of overall home furnishing to China.
    • In 2008
      In 2008
      In may of the same year, together with the international top silk technology representative zhenming empress silk enterprise of Japan, we developed the mei MINE wave silk quilt, which is the first one to propose that the whole silk quilt core can be washed
    • In 2011
      In 2011
      Industry debut value 358,000 arctic marble white fox grass carpet
    • In 2009
      In 2009
      In the industry took the lead in the 'thousands of yarn brocade' process, product 'xiyue' market; In the same year, the first cashmere suite valued at 99,800 yuan 'zhen' set a precedent for the most expensive cashmere suite in the industry.
    • In 2012
      In 2012
      Industry debut value of 2.8 million South America jinji pull leather carpet.
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